In addition to the stallions, there are 18 mare family lines.
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Touchstone  Acres has imported a mare of the Sardinia Family. This  founding dam was a grey mare of Karst breed, born in 1776.    Mares of this family in Lipica are called Betalka and our mare is 280 Betalka V, foaled 2/14/01 in Slovenia near Lipica. 

Touchstone Acres also imported Betalka's half sister, a mare of the  Almerina Family.   The founding dam was Almerina, a grey mare from Kladruby, born in 1769. One of the important mares  was Samira.  Our mare is 302 Samira VI, foaled  4/1/01 in Slovenia. 

 Our Altamira, 8/98  is also  representative of the Almerina Family of mares, along with her daughter Aloka.

Our first lipizzan is a mare of the Europa Family.  Europa was a grey Kladruby mare, 1774. Important mares of this family included Trompeta , found in Takoma's damline.  Takoma's daughter Tokata is another Europa.